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Who will you become in the second half of your adult life?

Taking the Midlife Leap places the struggles you are sure to encounter during your middle years within a greater framework that will guide you to rediscover your soulful individuality lying buried below your first-half-of-life’s obligations and definitions. Everything you need in order to begin your journey is waiting for you in this self-guided, home study course.


Questionnaire: Am I in midlife?

We are ushered into midlife in many ways, from a sudden awareness that we’ve been living someone else’s life to a sudden longing for more of something out of life even if we seem to have everything we once desired. Or a traumatic event, such as a medical diagnosis, or the loss of a parent, sibling, close friend, job, or marriage, can catapult us into instability, uncertainty, and deep self-questioning.

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“This course brings the news that millions of baby boomers reaching midlife want to hear: that what many view as a period of breakdown or crisis is really a metamorphosis, transforming us into who we were born to be. Jett Psaris’ heartful, soulful writing communicates gently but powerfully, companioning us at every step through the changes in the middle period of our lives and offering diamonds…”

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